How to make a Bugaboo Donkey Hood Canopy Pattern - Part two

How to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey Hood/Canopy Pattern – Part Two

Unfortunately i can’t provide you with a Pattern as lets be honest Bugaboo would probably sue my ass, and well thats not worth much hehe. So the next best thing is; to take a old broken/ripped/faded Bugaboo Donkey Hood/canopy and literally take it apart bit by bit. PARTS: (check back later to find links to future posts on the below bullet points) How to make your own Bugaboo Donkey Hood – Part One How to Make your own Pattern – Part Two Finding/Using Fabrics and what you need – Part Three How to Construct and Sew together your Hood – […]

Number 4 Baby Bump Update - 17weeks

My Baby Bump Update – 17weeks and I’m a little Onion!

  Statistics Gestation: 17weeks and 0Days Weight: (not sure as the scales have broke) Clothes Size: Im still a Size 10 but can easily just accept going into a 12 in normal jeans is normal and well super comfy!… I could really do with some more maternity jeans!… I feel like baby is sitting really low and the only thing comfortable at the minute is my Pj’s! What I’m Craving: Shamefully i feel like i need to hit the Red-Bull like theres no tomorrow and trying to resist is hard work!, I’m also lovely the taste of Twister Ice-Lollies YUM YUM How I’m […]

How to make your own Bugaboo Donkey HoodCanopy from Scratch - Part One

How to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey Hood/Canopy From Scratch – Part One

Here i will guide you through on how to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey hood/canopy from scratch. Ive decided to do break down the Method of making the Bugaboo Donkey hood into a few separate sections or posts, as there is so much to show you and talk through, that i thought it would make things a little easier for you and me (Please Bookmark this Page, as i will Update it frequently and add in the Relevant links to the other posts, so you can make the hood from start to Finish) PARTS: (check back later to find […]

My Baby Bump Update - 15weeks with no.4

My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

  Statistics Gestation: 15weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Clothes Size: Urghhh its official my normal Jeans don’t FIT so the Maternity jeans have been purchased and in the picture I’m showcasing some lovely Baxter Maternity jeans from Topshop and OMG there soooo comfy!!!! What I’m Craving: At the minute I’ve got a taste for anything sweet, sour or basically anything i shouldn’t eat/drink too much of… Naughty Mammy hehe How I’m Feeling: Im knackered!!! My motivation as well and truly buggered off! Ive got a list of jobs/tasks that need doing in the house and i just lack the energy or the can be […]