How does your Garden Grow Purple Pansies

This weeks How Does Your Garden Grow? Post, features my front and back Gardens... Unfortunately there's not a lot of colour or pretty exotic plants going on out there (i have more weeds than anything), i just haven't had the time due to us being busy building a Porch and a Conservatory, so this spring/summer its my target to get lots of pretty flowers and features going on out there!

How does your Garden Grow Plant shoot

How does your Garden Grow Green leaves

How does your garden grow Daisy Flower

How does your Garden Grow Dandelion

How does your Garden Grow Bluebell bud

How does your Garden Grow Bluebells

I've noticed out the back that one of my bulbs that i planted earlier in the year has actually grew! but its a shame i couldn't tell you what it actually is, because i cant for the life of me remember what i planted ooppps :)

I also noticed the usual weeds going on out the back, but usually i just pull them out and bin them. This time i just stopped and took a good look at them, the dandelion in particular is quite beautiful with its bright yellow petals and the daisy's takes me back to my childhood when i would sit for hours making daisy chains. I feel sorry for weeds, because there get a bad press, but i think there just as pretty! :)

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Im linking upto the "How does your Garden Grow?" Linky over at Mammasaurus with Annie. x

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mamas & Papas Swirl Pushchair Review
We were recently going on a Mini Break to Coronation Street for Laylas Birthday. I have a Bugaboo Cameleon3 which cost me an absolute BOMB, travelling by coach I decided it wasn't such a good idea to lug it about. I needed something that was quick folding but large enough to carry changing bag, camera bag and food.

Mamas & Papas Swirl Buggy
That's when I spotted the Mamas & Papas Swirl Pushchair in Argos for £64.99, not only was it just a Pushchair but it was indeed a Package that included, Cosytoes, Raincover and a Parasol!!! for £64.99!!!

Mamas & Papas Swirl Buggy boxed
I was a little weary that it was too good to be true, I mean its not like everyday you can find a pushchair for under £100 never mind a pushchair that comes with the matching accessories that you actually need to use one. So I purchased one, thinking well its worth a try. I got to the counter and the Sales Assistant gave me a £5.00 voucher because at the minute (21/04/2014) Argos have a promotion on, that if you spend £50 you get a £5 voucher or if you spend £100 you get £10.00! So that made it even better!

Mamas & Papas Swirl Buggy unboxed and up
I took the Pushchair home and i couldn't wait to whipped it out the box, everything was more or less pre-assembled, all I had to do was attach the hood and the front wheels. In literally 2 minutes the pushchair was up and had the cosytoes on.

Mamas & Papas Swirl Buggy unboxed looks lovely
On 1st Inspection it feels really solid and the handles are nice and high for a Stroller type buggy, Large underseat basket which you can actually get too. Large seating area that can be reclined into lots of positions as it uses an adjustable pull cord and the footrest is also adjustable too. very easy to fold with just one foot.

We took the Pushchair to Coronation street with us and I already had a Mamas & Papas Plum Petal Liner from the Mamas & Papas Sola I had before, so I added that to the seat and it matched in very well!. I didn't take the cosytoes as it was very sunny, so of course I took the parasol and it gave Layla great coverage and protected her from the sun. It felt soo easy to push and it was even easy to push over those famous Cobbles!

I would highly recommend this to anyone!!! I was abit weary about its quality due to the price tag, but that was very silly of me to judge a book by its cover..

Its Fantastic, Value for money and worth every penny.

Here is the links to Purchase these:

Mamas & Papas Swirl Pushchair | Mamas & Papas Plum Petal Liner


We're going on an adventure
Disclosure: This item was Purchased by myself, all comments and opinions are my own.

Layla is 1 Today Banner

Happy 1st Birthday to my Beautiful Little Princess Layla! I wrote her a little letter which you can read (here) WOW a whole year has passed and I still cant believe that she's actually here! After 3 years of Trying to have a baby, you go through so much disappointment and pain, then when it does happen you end up pinching yourself everyday to make sure that its actually real!.

We of course Celebrated her 1st Birthday with Banners, Balloons, Presents and a Bright Pink butterfly with lots of sparkly candles (as you do!) hehe.

Laylas 1st Birthday Card
Laylas Birthday Cards
Layla having cuddles with daddy on her 1st birthday
Layla got New clothes for her Birthday
Laylas Birthday Presents
Laylas Mamas & Papas Rocking Horse
Layla Blowing out her 1st Birthday Candles
1st Birthday Pink and Purple Glitter Candles

I got Layla a gorgeous little Pink Rocking Horse from Mamas & Papas, she's never been off it so I think its safe to say she loves it! :)

and of course any Birthday wouldn't be complete without having Daddy Cuddles awwww :)

Happy 1st Birthday Layla  xxx