Coronation Street, How does your Garden Grow

This week has been a rather busy and slightly chaotic one but featuring in my How does your Garden Grow??? Is the Famous Coronation Street!... We were very privileged to pay the old Manchester Quay Street Filming Set a visit. So of course my camera came right along with me and i just so happened to notice some flowers.

Coronation Street Orange Tulip outside of Cast Canteen

Before our Tour round the Studios and the famous Cobble Street began, we waited in the Cast Canteen which was were the stars of Coronation Street would have they lunch/tea in between filming. The Old studios/sets were left behind in December 2013 for  Brand new Studios and New cobbles in Salford. For a very short time the old studios are open to the public, then there will be closed forever.

Coronation Street Flowers outside of the Cast Canteen

The Cast Canteen has double doors that you can walk outside and sit outside on the decking area which goes all around the building. They is a fence (hence why i couldn't get any closer haha), but there is a gorgeous lawn going around with lovely trees and the odd flower here and there... Its very calming and idyllic which i guess you would really want when you've had a hectic day of filming.

Im linking upto the "How does your Garden Grow?" Linky over at Mammasaurus with Annie. x

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


A Letter to my Darling Daughter

A Letter to my Darling Daughter,

Your 1st Birthday is just round the corner and even to this day i still cant believe that we were so blessed to have you in our lives. You complete us in so many ways and im so Proud to call you my daughter.

Laylas 1st Moments Pregnancy Tests Scans 38week Bump

From Day 1 you have been our little fighter, you arrived into the world with hardly a whimper and you filled with me with absolute love that only a mother can feel for her fresh newborn baby. In that moment of time it was just me and you.. No-one else mattered, you were here safe and sound, my precious little princess.

1st pictures of layla

I laid for hours just watching you sleep, studying your little tiny face and hands, at first i could instantly see Ashton in you, then i could see Daulton... either way you were gorgeous. I held you tight and just breathed you in, you were all mine i didn't want to share you with anyone!!! Not even daddy hehe.

I have loved watching you grow (which has gone way too quick for my liking!), You are so clever! and you love to crawl everywhere in a very quick lightening speed! You love to say "HIYA" and wave to anybody coming in or going out the house and you say it so sweetly. You adore your brothers and as do them to you, you will often crawl to them and give them a cuddle and a kiss.

recent Photos of Layla

I cant believe your almost 1 year old!, i cant believe where the time has gone! we as a family have loved every second that you have been with us, it feels like you have always been here... you make us very proud to call your Our Darling Little Layla...

So Happy Birthday my Darling Daughter, i cant wait to watch you grow even more

Lots of Love

Mammy x x x


Project365 Laylas Long eyelashes

Theres something just so peaceful and special watching your child Sleep.

Layla loves her Daytime Naps and i love how i get to squish her (obviously not too hard hehe), brush noses and stroke the few small roots of hair that she does have :) In that moment when everything is silent, you realise just how lucky you are to have this little Princess in your life.

Then when shes awake, you get this:

Layla at the Seaside

Such a cheeky, mischievous Smiley Little Girl :)

I love watching her Expressions!

Expressions - Actually Mummy...