Machine knitted blanket pink lining cream bows on pink

Wow Ashton is 7! where does the time go??? It doesnt seem like 2 minutes ago we were bringing him home from the hospital awwwww

As per usual with every birthday, i often ask the dreaded question, "so Ashton what theme are you having this year?" Now when he said Minecraft, i was delighted! i thought yehhhh dead easy. Ill just be able to go into town, grab a Minecraft cake, balloons, banners, invitations, party bags, cups, plates etc all Minecraft themed.

The reality was slightly abit different, nowhere seems to do official Minecraft Party things, there is places like Etsy, Ebay etc where you can purchase them custom made :( So what seemed to be a great idea i started to dread it!, because now i needed to source and make everything from scratch.

Minecraft Birthday Cake

I had so many sleepless nights regarding his cake as i always see the Cake as the main thing to any birthday party (apart from the presents of course!). I spent hours creating this little beauty and im sooo pleased with how it turned out. I made a chocolate fudge cake and smoothed it in fudge, YUM! then a thick layer of Green icing. I felt gutted cutting it up haha

Ashtons 7th Birthday Party

We got Ashton a Bouncy castle for in the back garden and invited some of his friends from school.. There had a great time! they were never off the thing and played endless of different games including dodge ball.

Ashton blowing the candles out

And of course no Birthday Party would be complete without everyone singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy and capture him as he blows out his candles.

It was such a great day and Ashton absolutely loved it!!! Have you had a Minecraft party? i would love to see them x

Live love laugh candles

Well ok, maybe I slightly over exaggerated that just a tiny bit.

But for the last 2months I've had brain freeze, and I say brain freeze and not writers block simply because my brain has felt like it just wanted to stop as if it wanted to freeze in time and it wasn't just writing it was everything!

I should explain that 2 months ago my life was very hectic and ever since I suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm 4 years ago I don't tend to cope with a lot of stress and pressure. Luckily I'm a very strong willed type of person and so if I set my mind on doing something, I do it!. But 2months I felt that everything was increasingly becoming such a huge effort and that I wasn't enjoying life with my kids as I should.

So I do what I do best and just walk away from certain aspects in my life that I think are either a, putting too much pressure on myself or b, are doing me no good. To Lee's horror I just, in his eyes 'abandoned' my blog. He couldn't understand it and he was fairly angry at me for just walking away. To be honest I don't blame him, but it couldn't give him direct answers onto why? And so of course he just doesn't understand.

2months on, I still can't pin point why I just 'abandoned' my little bloggy, but at the time there was a lot going on.

1, A huge sudden increase in spam comments meant I had to shift on average 1000spam comments per day!
2, Lee's computer broke and because he works from home (the bread winner) he needed to use the Apple MacBook and therefore I was back using my ridiculously slowwwwwww laptop :(
3, We inherited a sofa from my Granda as he was moving home and I couldn't sit as comfortably as I could on my old settee and so I couldn't be comfy when blogging (strange how things like this can make a huge difference)
4, went to bed one night after editing images to do a post on my laptop, woke up and the screen was all smashed up, so that put a spanner in the works
5, Someone copied one of my posts like for like and it really upset me. It just put me off continuing.

But I'm making progress! I'm actually sat down on our old sofa (I've swapped them back round and feel so much better for it!) I've downloaded a plugin to get rid of spam comments and thankfully it's worked (touch wood). I now feel in a much better place and have less jobs on a to do list. I don't feel like I'm trying to carry the world on my shoulders.

Has anyone else suffered with blogging brain freeze? If so how did you over come it? I would love to know. X

Hey everyone, i thought it was time I did a mini update.. I've sort of been abit AWOL and I guess just real life has taken over my little bloggy :(

Recently has been so hectic! Doing house improvements and looking after the kids that the blog has sadly had to go on a go slow pace. I'm gutted that my blog has suffered ever so slightly... But obviously my priorities have to be my children.

I regrettably gave up on doing the project365, although I'm still taking pictures I just couldn't find the time to get my posts done :( But me and lee have made new real life friends so have been out and about socialising. (Which of course has been very nice!)

To add to things, lee broke his ankle! So he's laid up for 6 weeks. So that means I'm having to do everything and look after him... Which is slightly annoying (it's his own stupid fault!) as it means I have even less time to myself :(

Now of course the kids are off school for 6 weeks :/ need I say anymore? Haha

so yes that sums up my life right now and I'm hoping very shortly to be returning to my blog full time :D x