Today is wear your best #ChristmasJumperDay

The Boys school love participating in all things charity, so today was no exception!!!...

As per we got a letter from the school a couple of weeks prior till today saying the children can come to school in there christmas wooly jumpers etc and bring a £1.00 contribution for the Charity.


WOW look how Great are these Hand-made Jumpers with lights in!...


Now thats all well and good and whilst i did have a lot of time to prepare and get them a christmas jumper, the purse strings are pretty tight this time of year (as i doubt most people are aswell) I knew that if i ventured into my favourite shop Primark, then i was bound to get the boys a Fabulous Christmas Jumper for not a lot of pennies.

Hmmm that kind of never worked out and when i did eventually get into town (shamefully the day before opps) The jumpers was £8.00 each!!! OUCH. Now i know its not a lot of money in the scale of price tags on jumpers, but £16.00 on just 2 jumpers, that i know would only end up getting used that one day was just too much.

So then of course i had the light bulb moment! Ah ha... what if i use one of their old jumpers and attach christmas looking things on the front of it and maybes add some lights??? That was that, i was on a mission! I found a pack of Felt in Wilkos for £1.00 and that had enough felt in to create the 2 trees for both of their jumpers and then i headed to Poundland and got 2 sets of LED Battery operated lights.

I printed out this Christmas Tree from the Internet and used it as my Pattern (Link Here) Laid the pieces out onto the felt, drew round them with a marker and cut them out.

I stuck them down onto the jumpers, then struck down the lights so there looked as though there were wrapping around the christmas tree. Last but not least i stuck the star over the last light at the top to make it glow. You can of course add sequins, glitter, snow, paint etc etc Let your imagination run wild.

It took just a couple of hours to make these and to see my boys faces the next morning was just Priceless!!! They walked into school beaming with excitement and couldn't wait to show they friends.


Have you made a Christmas Jumper??? Let me know id love to see it :) x


Cream reindeer plush toy 3d detail christmas jumper Xmas novelty festive rudolf
Cream reindeer plush toy 3d detail christmas jumper Xmas novelty festive rudolf
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Kids Girls Boys Rudolph Christmas Xmas Reindeer Novelty Knitwear Jumper 3 12
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Hello and welcome,

Coach Built Pram Old Vintage Catalogues – Wilson, SilverCross, Marmet, Osnath Etc
Here you will be able to find lots of Old Vintage and in original state Catalogues featuring the most Beautiful iconic Coach Built Prams.

These Coach Built Pram Catalogues are a relic and over the years I've been lucky enough to get my hands on some. There have come in quite handy for referencing my own Wilson and Silver Cross Coach Built Prams, the curiosity and excitement of finding out when it was released, what name it was given is something to admire.

Not only are these a Great reference in naming your, Osnath, Marmet, Wilson or Silvercross, but they are true Collectors piece for years to come.

I have included every Coach Built Pram Catalogue that i have in my collection, which I'm hopefully going to be adding too in the not so distant future. These are FREE and you can print them off, save on your computer etc. All i ask in return is that you share these stunning Prams with your friends, so that we can all have the delightful pleasure of seeing these stunning prams as they were.



Below you can find little images that once clicked on will take you directly to all the images of the Coach Built Prams for that Brand and Year.


Pedigree Vintage Coachbuilt Pram
Pedigree Vintage Coachbuilt Pram
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 11:36:59 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £300.00
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Vintage Blue Silver Cross Coach Built Dolls Pram
Vintage Blue Silver Cross Coach Built Dolls Pram
£27.00 (6 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 14:13:39 GMT
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old vintage coachbuilt pram not silver cross
old vintage coachbuilt pram not silver cross
£20.00 (1 Bid)
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 16:25:53 GMT
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Vintage dolls coachbuilt pram bag
Vintage dolls coachbuilt pram bag
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 20:36:25 GMT
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Original Vintage coach built Silver Cross Dolls pram
Original Vintage coach built Silver Cross Dolls pram
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 23:24:04 GMT
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End Date: Friday Dec-19-2014 8:43:16 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £49.99
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Thank you

Leanne x

what i wore Primark Bright Pink Long Top Black Jeggings

I don't normally do these kind of What I Wore posts, so I'm totally out of my comfort zone! :/ eeeek so i will try and wing this one :)

I have literally Zero confidence in what I wear, I go out places and the first clothes that are allowed to come out of my wardrobe are Black Trousers, black boots and a Plain Bland Top or a Black Dress :/... I'm literally clueless in what I should wear, it's not that I don't watch the lovely Mr Gok on the tele (who let me tell you would NEVER get me naked lol) or This Morning when there get these glam fashion designers in to put the most expensive clothes on some models. I can't afford those clothes!, I could never even dream of spending £100 on a pair of shoes or even £80 on a pair of jeans just because there claim to hug you in a bit.

I'm a Mum of 3 who by the time I've kitted out my kids and the other half I'm left with pennies to spend on myself. So you have to get clever and you have to think outside of the box.

I was in the dentist's waiting room the other day as Dalton accidentally broke one of Ashton's front teeth which happened to be one of his Adult tooth. Anyways that's a different story for another time lol, but whilst waiting I was reading one of those Glam Magazines and spotted a model in black skinnies and a Hot pink top, it instantly popped out at me and made a mental note of it. Before I could check where the outfit was from, we were in to see the dentist.

Where I live is limited on shops, we literally have about 4 clothes shop, if you want something else then you need to venture outside of town :/... Anyways I popped into Town after we had been to see the Dentist and my headed to my favourite shop, PRIMARK.. I love it solely for the price of things.

Scanning the rails and shelves and saw in the distance this beautiful BRIGHT pink Chiffon blouse/top (not sure whether it's a top or blouse?) with 3 quarter length sleeves (perfect for hiding my HUGE arms) and it was teamed off lovely with a gold zip to the back of it. Before I even check for my size I'm always checking out the price, surprisingly it was only £9.00!!! that's a bargain, so picked up my size and headed towards the jeans.

Normally I wear blue jeans, darker the better. I'm sick of wearing them as it is and decided that after 20 pairs of blue denim jeans and a couple of pairs of black leggings it was about time that I got some different coloured Jeggings! Now Jeggings is totally new to me, but when I tried them on, there felt great! not as stiff as jeans, but not as given as leggings, so it kind of sucked me in a bit. Those were £11.00


So in total I spent £20.00 on my Outfit!... and what I learnt was that I can wear Pink, not just any pink but BRIGHT pink and still feel very much as comfortable as wearing just all black. Now I just need to buy more colours in this top and I'm sorted hehe


Would you wear a BRIGHT pink top???

Looking for Baby Annabell Doll Bargains??? Yeh me too!. Ive decided to get Layla a Baby Annabell Doll for christmas as she just loves babies and dolls.

She screams and shouts at the tele when she see's any kind of doll on the screen so I'm hoping and praying that she's going to love this Baby Annabell Doll, as I've kind of bought everything that goes with it.. Haha as you do of course.. The other day i posted about the Bargains i got from ToysRus, i got the 3 wheeler pushchair, rocking crib and Carseat chair for under £50.00 with free delivery!!! I think that was my biggest saving out of all the Christmas presents this year.

So another day of Christmas shopping, (can't wait to be done!!!). We headed off into Argos with it being Black Friday... We got a few bits and bobs, but whilst there i thought ooo ill just see if any of the Baby Annabell Clothes have been reduced as she's only got the 1 outfit that she came with. To my surprise when i entered the catalogue numbers into the touch screen thingy bobs in Argos, i found that item number: 128/1251 Baby Annabell Outfit Set - 4Pack was £24.99 Now £16.59!!! So i instantly clicked on it and then realised that the set actually includes a Changing Bag!... I mean that works out at £3.31 Each. Bargain!!!


Super Low Baby Annabell Prices to be had at Grab them quick before there gone!


So i hurried to the quick pay kiosk and got my Bargains!!.. Im over the moon with them, they so cute and will look even cuter in Laylas Baby Annabell Wardrobe.


Have you found any Baby Annabell Bargains Lately? If so please do share with me, as i dare say there is something that i haven't got her lol

cable and cotton cinnamon lights review  

I was recently contacted by the Cable and Cotton Team to review one of their beautiful fairy lights set. I of course accepted and quickly jumped onto their website and checked out all of the pretty colour schemes, which is quite alot. I couldn't decide which ones to pick, i was torn between the marshmallow for the living room or the cinnamon set for Layla's bedroom.

Eventually i decided to get cinnamon colour scheme for Layla's bedroom as it perfectly matched the colours that was in her new Next Woodland Bedding set.

So once i had made my mind up about which colours to go for, delivery took a matter of days. As soon as there arrived i couldnt wait to rip into the packaging and box to hang them up.

All the balls needed to be attached to the lights, but in a matter of 5 minutes i had them done! and it was easy peasy!

Cable & Cotton cinnamon fairy lights review on and off display
Heres the Cable and Cotton Fairy lights hanging up in Laylas Bedroom, on the left the lights are turned off, so even when they not in use there still very Pretty! giving a splash of wonderful colours.. and on the right with the lights turned on, because the balls are handmade and created by using string, there is tiny gaps where the light can beam out of so you get this wonderful light effect!, so its perfect as a night light for a Baby/Toddler... Even my older 2 boys (10 and 7 years) want one for their shared bedroom.

There don't have to be used just solely for decorating a childs bedroom, you could add them to your own room, use them as christmas fairy lights, a centre piece on a table, over the mantelpiece etc etc, the possibilities are endless!


Cable & Cotton cinnamon string fairy lights review

Like i mentioned earlier, the reason i decided on the Cinnamon Colour Scheme (there is lots of other colour sets to choose from!!!), is that I've bought Layla the full set of Woodland from the Next Childrens Bedroom Range. Im so delighted that the colours of every ball is exactly like the colours on the Cable & Cotton website! So its a PERFECT match! (I really do like things that match hehe)

Here I've draped the lights over Laylas Cotbed Rail just so you could see all the beautiful colours properally and see how there glow. Please DONT put these lights in or around your Childs bed, just incase there strangle themselves, not a risk worth taking.


Get yourself over to Cable and Cotton (link) and check out their other colour ranges, you can even create your own!


Disclosure: These Cable & Cotton Lights were sent for free for the purpose of this review. All images, opinions and blurb is my own :)


Thank you

Leanne x


Lots of Baby Annabell Bargains to be had at Toys R us!!! I got all of this for under £50! Find out how i did it!

So Christmas is creeping up on us ever so quick! (Where has this year gone?)

So the kids have made a list and now it's time to track those down for the best possible price! (Of course)

I've decided to get Layla a baby (baby Annabell), and recently noticed on my travels that ToysRus are giving away a free Baby Annabell chair when you spend £45 or more on Baby Annabell items!!!!


I also spotted via hotukdeals a £5 off code (BIRTHDAY9) when you spend £30 or more and I was totally delighted to find that both savings could be applied together. So I made a whopping saving!

So not only had the cot been reduced, but I also got a free chair and £5 off! Bargain!

Baby annabell Christmas bargain toysrus
The items I got her were:

for a lovely sum of £48.98 with Free P&P...


Have you been able to beat this price? Found any bargains lately?


Having made some simple blankets previously. I have now learned some skills into making hats and what perfect time of the year to whip up some?

Here I will tell you how to make them, but please bear in mind that I am a complete novice and even more so in detailing patterns (so if there is anything that I've missed out just drop me a comment).The machine I use is a knitmaster 321 which I believe is a 4.5 gauge standard single bed machine. When I knit anything I use DK wool which I know is very thick and so I knit everything on tension dial:10.

The pattern here will make a hat for a 12-18months old toddler.


Bring forward into working position 120needles (6-6). Push back every other needle into non working position.

Open cast on with waste yarn and knit a few rows, break yarn. Knit 1 row with your cord.

Reset counter to: 000

Turn tension dial to 8 (or 2 tensions notches down from your normal knitting tension for your yarn). Knit 40 rows.

Bring forward all needles into working position. Pick up stitches and put your 1st row of rib back on the empty needles.

Reset counter to: 000

Set tension back to 10 (or back up 2 notches that's your normal tension for your yarn) Knit one row. Pull out your cord and the waste yarn should fall away.

Main body:

Here you can let your imagine run wild... You can knit all one colour, fair isle patterns, stripes, cable etc. knit 49 rows.


Move every other stitch to adjacent needle and push back empty needles into non working position. (You should end up with half the amount of needles)

Turn tension dial to 8 and knit 2 rows.

Leave a long yarn tail and break yarn.

Cast off:

Using a tapestry needle feed yarn tail through the front of every stitch and remove from the machine.

Making up:

Pull the yarn tight to gather up those stitches and sew up the side seam.

Pom Pom:

The top gathers up quite nice and tight so you don't need to add a Pom Pom, but I love seeing Pom Poms on children's hat. I used a Pom Pom maker that I purchased off eBay for a couple of £, it's fantastic and makes lots of other sizes too. But if you don't wish to purchase one of these then you can use the circle card method and attach to the hat.

Enjoy x

Machine knitted blanket pink lining cream bows on pink