Phil and Teds Spares fabrics wheels revamp your stroller

Phil and Teds, Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport… Spares Fabrics – Revamp your Stroller!

Phil and Teds, Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport… Spares Fabrics ETC to Revamp your Stroller! Here I’ve found lots of Products ranging from, hoods, seats, footwell, basket, storm cover, cocoons, double seat, footmuffs and travel cases all for the Phil and Teds Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport etc etc the list is endless! Phil and Teds are like a Pack horse!!! i have always loved these. There are so easy to use, navigate and of course adaptable to your growing family needs. The Phil and Teds can be used as a Single Pram/Stroller for a Single Newborn child, add the cocoon inside […]

World Book Day Wheres Wally Boys Dress Up Costume

World Book Day – Wheres Wally Boys Last Minute Fancy Dress Costume

yay we have successfully survived another World Book Day Here in the UK… Last Year i had the lovely task of transforming my boys into Steve the Famous stick block character thing from Minecraft, you can check out our Costume for that: DIY Costumes – How to make a Easy and Quick Minecraft Steve Costume for FREE So this year Dalton Decided to go as Wheres Wally!!! Hooray, something that i could easily just buy a costume and be done with it… Only skip a few days ahead to where i realise that World Book Day is actually closer than i […]

WOW look how Great are these Hand-made Jumpers with lights in!...

Handmade Christmas Lights Jumper #ChristmasJumperDay

Today is wear your best #ChristmasJumperDay The Boys school love participating in all things charity, so today was no exception!!!…..!!! As per we got a letter from the school a couple of weeks prior till today saying the children can come to school in there christmas wooly jumpers etc and bring a £1.00 contribution for the Charity.       Now thats all well and good and whilst i did have a lot of time to prepare and get them a christmas jumper, the purse strings are pretty tight this time of year (as i doubt most people are aswell) […]

Coach Built Pram Old Vintage Catalogues – Wilson, SilverCross, Marmet, Osnath Etc

Coach Built Pram Old Vintage Catalogues – Wilson, Silver Cross, Marmet, Osnath etc

Hello and welcome, Here you will be able to find lots of Old Vintage and in original state Catalogues featuring the most Beautiful iconic Coach Built Prams. These Coach Built Pram Catalogues are a relic and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some. There have come in quite handy for referencing my own Wilson and Silver Cross Coach Built Prams, the curiosity and excitement of finding out when it was released, what name it was given is something to admire. Not only are these a Great reference in naming your, Osnath, Marmet, Wilson or […]