If your interested in advertising your business, product or website on my blog, please read on and If you have any questions about any part of the advertising possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Who suggys is aimed at?

Suggys.co.uk is a blog of two halves! There is my blog which covers my hobbies such as kart racing to doing projects [making things], domaining, websites and everyday stuff, where as Leannes blog is more about crafting and baby/family related stuff. This means were now pulling in audiences from all kinds of niches which is great.

Our Visitors

Thankfully because Me and Leanne are both active in the social network world [mentioned below], we do not solely relay on search engines for our traffic [No more worrying about google updates haha]. The number of visitors has been increasing month on month and as we have loads more content [im really not short of stuff to publish], this should continue to grow and grow.

Social Media Following

Me and Leanne are both socially active on a number of networks including twitter, facebook, pinterest and many others. As part of our advertising packages we will include a mention on these networks to increase your coverage even more. This will only be done once per month as we do not want our social friends to think we are spamming.


The following advertising packages available.

468 x 60 Banner

We place these banners at the bottom of each of our posts and pages! Which we class as a advertisers hotspot.

Banners can also be placed on individual pages subject to availability, so please drop me a message to discuss your requirements.

Banners can be on a static or rotational basis depending on your budget and requirement.

Sidebar 125 x 125 Banner

There are four 125x125 advertising spaces available in our right sidebar.

The number of banners in this area is limited to a maximum number of 4 at any one time, so once they are gone they are GONE! You can however go on our waiting list and get mailed once a spot becomes available.

Text Links & Guest posting

Right now, I do not allow text link or guest post advertising on my blog, sorry!

Sponsored Posts

If you offer a service, or have a product that you would like featuring on my blog [it must be something that's related at least one of the blogs topics] , I would be happy to do a honest review about it.

This is one of the best methods of advertising and reaches more of your targeted audience, however it is the most expensive option.

All content in the post will be written by my self and then given to a professional writer to proof read and make amendments before publishing. I must point out though that if the product or service you offer is poor it will be reflected within the post.

The Sponsored post will remain in place for the entire life of the blog.


Coming soon.