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Chihuahua Running up Slide

Check out the video below! We put a treat half way up, the kid’s garden slide (It was a little higher than he could reach) so he would keep attempting! Would have been pointless if he had gotten the treat straight away. He never ...Read More

Steetley chimney demolition

Steetley chimney was built in the early 1960's and could be seen for miles as it stood a massive 230 feet high. Steeley Magnesium closed in 2005 and remained derelict for many years with part of the plant being demolished. The steetley site at ...Read More

Platy Giving Birth Caught On Camera

I woke up this morning, got breakfast ready then switched the fish tank light on when something caught my eye! The female platy had literally just given birth in front of my very eyes. We already had a nursery set up which contained 5 babies that ...Read More