Platy Giving Birth Caught On Camera

BabyPlatyI woke up this morning, got breakfast ready then switched the fish tank light on when something caught my eye! The female platy had literally just given birth in front of my very eyes. We already had a nursery set up which contained 5 babies that are now two weeks old from another female in the main tank, I quickly transferred them over to the spare tank, then put the pregnant platy in to the fish nursery so as many of the babies would survive! I then set about to find the baby I originally saw in the main tank! It took a while because it was tiny and pretty dark! I managed to fish it out and put it in the tank with the other babies.

The platy had some kind of prolapsed anus or womb, which I was worried about, but it didn’t stop the birth process! I tried and tried to capture them on camera but! It was hit and miss when they were popping out and I was sooooo busy! I DID manage to capture one of the births on video - YEY - that you can see below!

She had 12 babies in total that I know of, however two of them swam up in to the part of the nursery where she was and were unfortunately eaten!

I will be keeping one fish from each batch of fish because they are the first we have had, the rest are accounted for! I sold my old Aqua start 500 tank to the neighbour who is willing to take some and a family friend is taking the rest.


Caught on camera; Platy giving birth

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