Primary School SATs 2016- SIGN THE PETITION

guinea pigSo today my oldest sons school held a meeting with the parents of all year 6 primary school students to brief us on the upcoming SATs tests.

As a parent I really feel sorry for both the children and the teachers having to deal with the complete and utter joke of a system the #government have come up with!

If you are not aware; This year the SATs test have completely changed from previous years! Either they pass and achieve what they believe children of this age should or fail! There is nothing in-between.

Now it wouldn't be so bad but students in this year are the guinea pigs! The government don't even know what the pass rate will be! When asked what will happen if the children (11 Year Old’s) don’t achieve what  a 13-year-old previously was expected to achieve and the reply is! No one knows! The teachers are still only finding out key facts! and the tests are just a few months away!

Don’t get me wrong here! I am all for pushing children and getting the best from them! But not when my child or any other child is put in a NO-WIN situation! Children who are in the younger years will have many years of learning the new National Curriculum and have a fighting chance at achieving what they think they should! However the 2016 students that are sitting the exams in May! Have had very little time but are still expected to achieve the same results that a student in year one or two will achieve by the time they reach year six.

Schools have only been given three months notice of what this expected standard is

In short, it's very unlikely that the 2016 students will meet what is expected! Resulting in parents having to prepare them for not "achieving" what these #penpushers think they should.

There were a lot of unhappy parents who think this is just causing unnecessary stress on their children! Which I completely agree with!

A petition has been set up for parents to sign!



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